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Company Description
No two weddings are alike. Everything is a "one of a kind: customized creation." Nothing is generic or handed off to someone you have never met. Whether it will be a simple and elegant wedding in classic whites and cremes or a lavish intense mixture of sapphire, claret, tangerine and buttercup jewel toned blossoms, Monique will fashion each perfect bloom to reflect the inner vision that has drawn you to your chosen color scheme. Monique has a passion for flowers which is evident when you browse through her extensive portfolio. Perfection is her assurance as she is obsessive of each minute detail so that you won't have to be. "I know that I have reached perfection when I see the tears in the eyes of my brides because they are overwhelmed with the magnificence of their flowers. I am very thankful to have such a wonderful talent which allows me to lend my expertise to each bride individually and help make her wedding day absolutely perfect."

In addition to classical candelabras, roman columns, lighted trees & custom designed chuppas, Monique has joined with a local artist to create one of a kind centerpiece risers with a matching wrought iron gold pantina chuppa. Please call for a complimentary consultation and let Monique WOW you with her creativity and genuine love for wedding flowers.

With 20 years of international design experience along with an extensive background of photography and color fashioning, Monique will personally walk you step by step through the process of choosing your color tones and creating a customized floral fantasia which will reflect your personal style while still keeping your budget in mind.

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Serving the Metro Atlanta area.

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Address2531 Wildflower Court
Atlanta, GA 30301

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